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It is important to me to work in a bicycle shop that knows fat bikes inside out, so I will highlight some of my favorite things I have about getting to know the store and living nearby. Unique features of the Decatur store include a full service bicycle workshop, a café and a wide range of fat bike accessories. We reserve the right to limit the number of bicycles available in the store at any given time to a maximum of 10 bicycles per day per person.

Make mowing more enjoyable by purchasing MTD mowers and tractors, including the Bilted mower, Bilt mower and a variety of other lawnmower accessories. As a do-it-yourselfer, we have everything you need for lawn care, gardening, garden design, lawn care and even garden tools.

For pets, Blain Farm & Fleet offers all the pet accessories you need for your pet, from pet food to bedding and toys. If you are looking for a specific cat food, have a look at our pet food - friendly pet food, treats for pets, cat toys and cat beds.

What you need to keep your dog happy and healthy: dog food, dog toys, bedding, cat food and treats for dogs and cats.

Outdoor projects also require a selection of power tools and hand tools to get the job done. But don't worry, we've equipped you with DeWalt Milwaukee Craftsman tools, which come in a variety of sizes to help you make your project as smooth as possible. Invite you to find everything from tools for your outdoor projects to outdoor furniture, outdoor accessories and more.

Now you can see that Zion Cyclery meets all your admiring requirements for a great bike store in Zion, Illinois. The showroom offers a wide range of products for customers to choose from, and there is a variety of bicycles for sale, from bicycles and accessories to accessories, accessories and more.

Temperatures can still be chilly in early spring, so check out Carhart's outdoor clothing to stay warm. In addition, Zion is hosting a really fun group ride called Fatter Lake, and Sven and about twenty others came last weekend and had a great time driving to the beach where 10 foot waves crashed against the frozen coast. Derby on a blustery winter afternoon, with the mercury continuing to fall as the day progressed.

I had the opportunity to meet the owner of ZC, Chris Daisy, and he has put his true roots in the fat bike sector into supporting fat bike events and advocacy. Chris has been instrumental in keeping the beach open and legal for fat bikers and has invested time and effort in supporting fat bikes, events, advocacy, etc.

If you're part of the great northern foothills of Chicago and want to try some fat hardware, check out the ZC if you're interested. Chris' pop took over the store sometime in the 1970s and the young Chris grew up there. His father Don played drums for the Beatles, who came to Merica that same year, and his father's best friend, a man who used to play in the rock band.

Chris can still be seen waltzing around with his father and best friend in the cute gold-painted Borealis Yampa. He is a senior with Daisy and plays guitar, bass, drums, guitar and piano as well as drums and guitar.

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More About Zion