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While most people visit Champaign-Urbana to rage against the college kids at the University of Illinois and watch Big 10 football at Memorial Stadium, the Summer Street, off-campus outings find plenty of more relaxed joys. While most people visit Champaign - and Ur bana, for that matter - to rage against college kids from the university campus or catch Big 10 football at Memorial Stadium, they will also find another, and even more, relaxing joy. And while many prefer to stay close to home for their first foray into the outside world, we've rounded up the best places in Illinois to visit the state's most popular summer vacation destination, Zion.

Plan your trip so that you can experience all the attractions you want to visit. Zion is a beautiful national park, and you will love all the things you can do during your stay, but there are many outlets in the state of Illinois for more than just the park itself. If you are doing the above things in Zion Illinois, you should have a very busy, entertaining - fulfilling - stay.

Starved Rock State Park offers affordable and free activities for children, including hiking. In addition to two beaches, Illinois Beach State Park offers a variety of activities for children, including swimming, swimming pools, playgrounds and other activities.

It's easy to add Zion to your list of Illinois' most popular parks, including Zion National Park, Zion State Park and Zion Arch National Monument. The beautiful hiking landscape offers a variety of hiking trails and scenic views of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon.

If hiking is not your thing, a scenic ride would be a great addition to your trip to Zion. This scenic 5-mile drive offers beautiful views from several trailheads, and if you're looking for it, take a look at the road of Kolob Canyons. The winding road offers unobstructed views of rivers and forests and passes the Great Smoky Mountains, the Grand Canyon and Zion Arch National Monument. If you thought of camping when you visited Zion, you might have reason to think about Zion Beach.

This peaceful and scenic drive follows the Mississippi River overlooking the Zion Arch National Monument and the Great Smoky Mountains. This Southern Illinois park has something for every outdoor activity, from climbing to hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and more, and has it all for you.

re here, you might want to visit one of the following places: Zion National Park, Lake County Golf Course, Zion Park or Zion State Park. There are many golf courses in Lake County, such as Zion Golf Club and Zion Country Club, as well as a number of private courses.

Conveniently located facilities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Zion on a regular basis. Chessboard Mesa looks like a nice place to go hiking, so plan to spend some time in this area. You can see and hike through Zion National Park on guided tours, and if you're a good hiker or have older children, Angels Landing is a hike in Zion that you don't want to miss.

Zion hosts a concert series that includes musical acts from vintage bands to chamber orchestras. Whether you're going camping, hiking or dining, the small town of Zion has a variety of restaurants, bars and restaurants with great dining options and a great atmosphere.

This year, Dungeon of Doom moved to a new location in Zion, IL, and we couldn't miss the opportunity to see it. While Zion has a mandatory park shuttle, you can also take a walk or shuttle bus to other parts of the park. This is a great way to enjoy the unique and beautiful Illinois landscape. We were given a guided tour of various parks, which gave us time to hike, explore, drive through the parks and relax.

South Beach is located on the Zion side of the park and offers picnic areas, toilets and ample parking. Learn more about the Illinois Beach Hotel: Located at the southern end of South Beach, just blocks from the entrance to Zion, it is a great place to stay and relax.

The Illinois Beach Resort is also located on the south side of the park and is the only Illinois hotel located directly on the shores of Lake Michigan. This park is famous for its natural beauty and the only beach along the state's coast, and its conference center is one of only three in the country, and it is located just a few blocks from the entrance to Zion State Park. Illinois Beach Resort has a reputation for being a great place to stay and a favorite destination for visitors to Illinois and the Illinois State Parks, with its conference center, restaurant, pool, spa and fitness center. Chicago, IL, USA - Illinois Island Beach State Park features two beaches consisting of two sandy beaches: South Beach and North Beach, both located next to the main park entrance at the southern end of Zion.

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